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L.W Explorer D2 Steel Outdoor Camping Tactical Short Fixed Blade Knife


Blade: D2
Length: 24cm
Blade length: 12cm
Thickness: 0.6cm
Surface: sanding, satin drawing
Hardness: 59-60hrc (vacuum oil quenching treatment)
Handle: G10 + L.W first umbrella rope around the law
Scabbard: Imported Kydex Sheath
Only 100 left

可用性: 现货

US$ 73


L.W Explorer is our original works of our team at the end of the year. It is a new, straightforward, chic, comprehensive and cost-effective outdoor small straight knife. Be a farewell to 2012 into the new year, L.W offer a surprise to the knife friends!
L.W Explorer not only upholds the production of L.W "high quality products" and attaches great importance to the part of the cost, in the choice of materials at the cost,in the making of production to excellence, do everything we can to make the knife friends at the popular prices to experience the quality of five-star!

L.W Explorer is 24cm length, 0.6cm thickness, and the shape is short and thin, thick and strong, and easy to carry; CNC round edge, L.W first umbrella rope handle allows you to fully experience the use of comfortable feeling, also you can untie the umbrella rope then tie it to tree stem; blade using high-precision CNC grinding mill, concave grinding combined with grinding, cutting edge line clear, accurate angle, three-dimensional sense of strong, full of beauty. Concave grinding area can be cut, cut, cut and other conventional operations, concave grinding more convenient in the field for a short time to restore wear edge. Flat knife tip can ensure that the tip of the site to carry out a strong, thorn, pick, chisel and other hunting anti-defense action.
I believe that such a function and feel integrated into the best state of the small straight knife will make you satisfied!

You or alone, or protect the family around you, in the wilderness, or in the jungle, must have a knife as a faithful companion to accompany you to explore, to take risks, in addition to his strong and must be sustainable and easy to care The "Explorer" is suitable for use in any weather - dry, damp, any environmental water, wilderness, jungle (except electricity, strong magnetic and strong acid).

Living in the world of praise, we are always in a state of exploration, to explore your life or travel is necessary.